Will UK General Election Bring Good News For Students?

UK General Election for students

UK General Election for students

After being through a tumultuous year- terrorist attacks and of course, Brexit, The United Kingdom voted in 2017 election on 8th June. Many students casted their votes with the hope of a reformed education system while some did not being fed up with the increasing tuition fees. Almost every student no matter whether they are from other countries like Australia, India, China or UK itself is speculating what will be the impact of 2017 general election on them. Well, it’s really hard to say whether the UK general election will bring good news for students so early. If you’re also studying in a UK university and speculating the same thing, then this blog might help you. Here we have tried to outline the impacts by summarizing the stance of each party on education.

  • Conservatives

The Conservatives have already passed Higher education and research Bill earlier this year. They laid out all their plans and promised to reform the higher education system in that bill. They toughened visa requirements for the international students. After that, they haven’t announced any new policy yet. However, the main thing is Theresa May has affirmed that Conservatives would not eliminate tuition fees.

  • UKIP

UKIP has promised to abolish tuition fees if only economic conditions permit. They have also given the assurance of restoring the maintenance grants. They have pledged to stop tuition fees for those courses which do not confirm graduate level employment. So, if they get elected, both the students of UK and those from abroad may experience positive changes.

  • Green party

Green party is assuring to scrap tuition fees. They will also restore maintenance grants if they come to the power according to the members of the party. They also confirmed “we will make sure that Brexit does not have a disastrous impact on young people’s education by creating a UK equivalent of the EU Higher Education Funding which looks set to be scrapped”.

  • Liberal democrats

Liberal democrats have also ensured to restore the maintenance grants for poor students. They have also promised to reinstate bursaries for the nursing students. According to the report, they will give graduate engineers £10,000 for joining armed forces.

  • Labour

They also promised to abolish tuition fees. If they get elected, fresh university students will no longer have to pay €9000+ annual fees. Apart from that, they will raise the rate of tax on the highest earners and pay for the £9.5 billion policy. They also assured to bring back Education Maintenance Grants. They will also help the poorest students economically.

  • Scottish National Party

They will not scarp higher education fee. They want to support students from poor economical backgrounds and encourage them to pursue higher education. They stated that they will introduce new policies to increase the number of students studying in University.

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