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Online Exploratory Essay Help for College Students

If you are thinking exploratory essay and argumentative essay fall under the same genre, then you are mistaken. An exploratory essay is very different from what you have written so far. Instead of writing to convince your readers, you should focus more on finding out a problem and perhaps forming a preliminary conclusion about how it might be solved.

exploratory essay help

What are the basic features of an exploratory essay?

Exploratory essay helps to:

  • Define and describe the issue and present arguable questions (introduction)
  • Analyze the rhetorical situation of the issue (body part 1)
  • Identify and summarize at least 3 positions on this issue (Body part 2)
  • Indicate your personal interest in this issue and the position you favor (conclusion).

How to identify a good exploratory essay topic?

While searching for exploratory essay topics, you need to keep in mind that it has to be an arguable statement which means it is a question,

  • Not solved
  • That is something people have different viewpoints about
  • That is raising interesting in people right now
  • An enduring issue or linked to an enduring issue.

Writing an exploratory essay:


Exploratory essay introduction should include three major elements. Those are,

  • Raise the interest in the readers regarding the arguable issue
  • Make sure the readers understand the issue and the significance of it
  • Present the arguable question (thesis statement) at the end of the introduction.

Here are few introduction ideas for exploratory essays,

  • Re-tell a real story
  • Present a made-up scenario
  • Talks about what makes the arguments so important now
  • Give several examples of this issue of problem
  • Vividly describe the scene and situation
  • Have a imagined or real conversation about issue
  • Use an intriguing statement or quote
  • Ask a series of questions.

Students mainly falter on composing essay introductions, that is why they often place their requests ‘I need help writing an essay with different writing service providers. If you think, you would mess up with your essay by writing a poor quality introduction, take professional help.

Body paragraphs:

Body paragraphs should include the following,

  • Introduction of the source (title of the source, author, type of publisher, publisher, date, etc)
  • Important information you found in the source related to the subject
  • The significance of the information and how it is dependable in relation to the subject
  • Some personal introspection on how the source has helped you, encouraged you to think differently about the subject or did not match your expectations and led you to a new direction in your research
  • Choose what do you think as the best possible solution to the problem you are discussing.

Professional essay writers follow the same order when they compose an exploratory essay.


Your response: Your position maybe one of those you have mentioned in writing or maybe something new you come across while researching.

Return to opening paragraph: Ask yourself whether you have answered the question that you raised in the beginning.

One thing you must remember about exploratory essay writing is that you are supposed to explore, understand something new and find a solution to existing problems.

5 Practical Essay Writing Tips for Australian Students

Essay Writing Tips

There is an old saying, ‘pen is mightier than sword’. But the pen itself cannot make you a good writer. Only unique ideas cannot get you the high grades that you expect in academic writing essay; you need to be formulaic. So here are 5 most effective essay writing tips that are as simple as counting one to five. If you implement these tips for essay writing, you have an excellent written piece in your hands.

1.      Do be concise, not smart:

Smartness won’t get you extra points, but clear ideas will. So select your best idea and write about it. This does not mean writing everything you know. Don’t worry if it is not the best explanation, worry whether it is the clearest explanation.

2.      Include practical examples:

Examples are easier to write than explanations. The reason is some ideas can be complex and under pressure it becomes hard to explain whereas examples are easier to write. All you need to make sure is that your examples are relevant and concise.

3.      Know yourself:

Famous philosopher Plato once said, ‘know yourself’. He did not say it keeping essay writing in mind, but it turned out to be quite relevant to the task. When you need to write an essay within one hour, it is not practical to check all your mistakes. What you can do is look for mistakes you normally make and correct those.

4.      Draw an essay map in your head:

It is important to see your essay in your head before you start writing. The best way to do it is planning. If you think it is boring and time consuming then you are about to lose significant marks for both coherence and task response.

5.      Harness the skills:

Practice, practice and practice. Do you think this is the only way to write superior quality essay. It is true in some sense, but different parts of the essay require slightly different skills like introduction needs paraphrasing the question, to write the body you need to explain ideas and for conclusion, you require to summarize. So it is wise that you practice these elements separately.

If you think you are more comfortable to have someone help with essay writing, you can always contact online writing service.

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