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Cause and Effect Essay Help: Structuring and Outlining

To write a cause and effect essay, you first need to decide on a scenario in which one action or event leads to certain effects to occur. Then you need to describe what took place and why. Decide if you are writing to persuade or inform. Before you engage in writing a cause and effect essay, you structure your essay by including all those key elements. Let’s see what are the key elements and how you can create an ideal structure.

Cause and Effect Essay Help


Cause and effect essay structure

Cause and effect essay helps you to understand what can lead to what. It enhances critical thinking skills. But to derive the maximum benefit, you need to stick to a recommended essay structure: paragraph by paragraph.

Based on the kind of relation between causes and effects, your essay can be categorized in one of the three patterns,

1.  ‘Multiples causes and one effect’ pattern:

This pattern deals with the situation where one effect is caused due to more than one causes. It contains five paragraphs starting from introduction followed by three body paragraphs and ending with a conclusion.


Multiples causes and one effect’ pattern

2.  ‘One cause and multiple effects’ pattern

This pattern deals with the situation where one cause leads to several effects. Similar to ‘multiple cause and one effect’ pattern, ‘one cause and multiple effects’ pattern also has five paragraphs. It should start with an introduction, followed by the body paragraphs and lastly a concluding paragraph.

One cause and multiple effects

3.  Casual chain (Domino) pattern:

This pattern is used when one situation eventually leads to another situation and so on. Unlike other two patterns, casual chain (Domino) pattern contains seven paragraphs: introduction, five body paragraphs and conclusion.

Casual chain (Domino) pattern

After choosing a pattern, you need to write the essay based on the chosen topics. Seems overwhelming? Yes, maybe, because you have various things in your mind and you need to finish the essay as soon as you can. This is where students tend to take professional help. Online help is just one click away from you, you will just have to write ‘write me an essay online’ and you will be directed to hundreds of writing service provider from where you need to identify a genuine company.

A good structure always leads you to a well-organized clean essay. On the other hand, when you see an essay without a definite structure, you would not be interested to read it compared to the one that has a clear structure. So do not go further without structuring your essay or gaining proper knowledge about different types of structure.

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