Understand Illustration Writing with an Illustration Essay Sample

Illustration essay requires students to state a general statement and prove it using examples and illustration. The writers, therefore, find difficulty to make the subject explicit in front of the readers due to lack of knowledge of necessary facts and examples. Use this article to know all about illustration essay writing.

Illustration Writing

The elements of illustrations essay writing

Unlike any other essay writing, illustration essay follows the same structure: head, body and tail. Here we give you an illustration essay sample divided into three sections, so that you can understand the purpose behind each paragraph. The essay topic we discuss here is, ‘Mass-produced Music’


The writer should introduce the general statement that you want to prove

Example: In the days of Mozart and Beethoven or even the era of Davy Crockett, the music was a pure form of art. The people cherished the experiences as their enjoyable moments when they got the chance to attend a concert or listen to guitar-strumming pioneer. But now music has become more of a commodity: a product that is packed and sold.

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Body Paragraphs:

The paragraphs included in the main body should have specific examples and illustration that establish your thesis. You can add paragraph based on the subject, but it mainly varies from 1 to 3.


Paragraph 1: Music is scattered all over the places. Music will accompany you today wherever you go whatever you do. A basketball fan attending a game in any major park in the country, you will find music thrust at him between innings, during warm-ups and after pitching leagues.

Paragraph 2: Other things rather than sporting events capitalize on packaged music. The public media, television and radio broadcast countless measures of music. Radio sells music as its chief commodity. Television and radio play a significant role in forcing packaged music on people.

Paragraph 3: The most popular type of canned music is ‘Muzak’ (American music distributor service). Muzak helps you set the atmosphere according to you needs. In the dentist’s office, the muzak is soft, clam and reassuring. No matter where you go, there is good chance of finding muzak.


The conclusion mainly restates the thesis and states the significance of the subject and also answers what is the importance or implications of the ideas included in your essay.

Example: In earlier days, music was treated as something unique. Today, music is mass-produced by famous money-making minded ‘artists’ in the world of show business. Music is an inevitable part of everyone’s life, be it in a restaurant or at a basketball game. Perhaps someday, music will return to its former form when people treated it as a source artistic enjoyment and entertainment.

This is how illustration essay writing should be approached. State your ideas and do not forget to include evidence to back your interpretations.

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