How to Create a University Essay Structure

A well-thought out structure is the key to a successful essay in university. Your structure determines the quality of writing you plan to produce in front of your instructor. Not all types of university assignments require following the same structure. An essay structure depends on the nature of the subject and the topic you have chosen to write. If you find trouble in getting started, you may not have created a structure for your essay yet. So let’s learn how to create a structure for essay writing.

university essay structure

Basic essay model of university essay structure


(Approximately 10% of the length of the whole essay should start with more generalized idea and then move towards more specific details)

  • Introduce your topic
  • Give background information about the keywords
  • Write the essay question in your own words
  • Present the plan of coverage including line of argument/viewpoints (thesis statement).


(Each paragraph should contain a link that transport your readers to the next paragraph)

  • Topic sentence (it carries the theme outline of argument you project in the paragraph)
  • Give evidence or an example drawn from your research
  • Explain and elaborate on your evidence to show your understanding
  • Link to next topic sentence
  • Link to the thesis.


(Conclusion should be 5-10% of total length)

  • Sum up your argument with reference to the essay question
  • Remind your readers how you have argued about each point you made (link to each topic sentence of each paragraph)
  • Link to the thesis (perhaps mention the wider implications/future directions).

There are too many resources related to essay structure displayed by essay help online services that you can refer to gain more proficient idea.

How to write paragraphs of an essay

What/how/why strategy helps you stay focused while structuring essay paragraphs. Application of this method ensures that readers properly understand the purpose of writing each paragraph.

WHY (the point) The introduction of the main point to be discussed

(best introduced in the topic sentence, in other words, the introductory sentence of the paragraph)

1 or 2 sentences
HOW (the proof) The evidence used to back the argument: examples, appropriate reference material, quotations etc. 3 to 4 sentences
WHY (the comment) Your take on how and why these fit together: relationships, contrasts, conclusions, etc. 2 to 4 sentences

A sample body paragraph:

One of the negative effects detected concerning the street parties in Kingston is noise pollution. Loud music and voices are one of the significant reasons for sound pollution. The residents have to suffer from increased levels of stress, disturbed sleep and a loss of feeling of safety. The Kingston Police Department receives numerous complaints every day related to the noise of street parties. They observe that disturbing levels of noise is contributing to a loss in the sense of community between Kingston residents and Queen’s students (Jones 10). Hence, the students should take protective measure to not to affect the residents.

This is how you build each essay paragraph and create your whole essay.

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