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Economic growth of a nation share a relationship with that of unemployment, and both are considered as important factors of macroeconomics. They also act as two significant determinants of economic progress. Researchers have found out a negative relationship between the two factors. By this statement, it is meant that if the rate of employment is found to increase, the total production of the economy will eventually lower down. This will lead to a sharp decrease in the economic progress of the nation. Again, it is seen that if there is a fall in the economic growth, automatically job opportunities will decline. There would be a need for cut off of the labor force which will; gain result in the increase of the rates of unemployment. Therefore for any nation, often a close relationship is found between the economic growth as well as the unemployment rate of the nation.

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Often students who are handling the assignments have to properly understand the factors that are significant for the discussions. Moreover, they have to develop deep knowledge about the factors so that they can successfully understand the important reasons behind the fall or rise of unemployment with the alteration of the economic status of the nation. Unemployment is a situation where a particular population of working age people is searching for jobs nut is not being able to get a job. This situation mainly arises when there are fewer opportunities. Here the students have an idea of how to find the rate of employment of a nation. This is found by dividing the un-employed number of people by the total number of the workforce of the country. Here the total workforce mainly describes the people who are interested in taking the job. Often different types of strategies can be taken by the students to explain the relationship of economic growth with that of unemployment. The student can use the Okun;s Law to explain this. This law will help the student as it is based on the statistical studies that will eventually show the change in the unemployment growth rate that results from the change in the economic growth over a certain period. Okun has successfully established the negative relationship that exists between the two mentioned factors.

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Students should also learn to identify the different effects of unemployment on the economy. This often includes:

The increase in the financial cost of the economy results from a rising trend of unemployment.. due to unemployment, the government undergoes a heavy loss. This mainly resulted from low productivity and the different financial crisis. Governments in developed nations have to pay more unemployment benefits to the unemployed citizens resulting huge flow of resources. This, in turn, results in governmental spending at the same time of reduction in the governmental earning due to the decline of the production due to the poor rate of employment.

This not only affects the lives of the unemployed people but also effect the employed people. They mostly differ from insecurity in their workplace with the fear of losing the job. Moreover, there is the high rate of taxes as well as insecurity about their work. Also, low and limited spending form the employed individuals again have an adverse effect on the economic growth.

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Recession results when there is an increase in the unemployment rate. This again has harmful effects on different factors of the economy like decreasing per capita income, poor standard of living, improper healthcare facilities as well as an increase in the health cost other facilities.

All the above mentioned effects should also be researched by the students in a detailed manner to depict his or her researchers to the professor. Each aspect associated with the relationship of the unemployment and that of the economic growth should be included in the assignments to meet the university requirements. Often students tend to follow an unsynchronized procedural method which results in a half-hearted assignment. Often they tend to get lost or could not prepare the requirements properly which often leads to assignments which are incomplete and have missed out points and topics. Hence students must seek for help form experts in the nursing assignment help so that they can prepare an assignment that contains all the requirements in a well researched and well represented from. This would help him to get the best marks. Hence students need accounting assignment help form, experts.

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