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How to Create a University Essay Structure

A well-thought out structure is the key to a successful essay in university. Your structure determines the quality of writing you plan to produce in front of your instructor. Not all types of university assignments require following the same structure. An essay structure depends on the nature of the subject and the topic you have chosen to write. If you find trouble in getting started, you may not have created a structure for your essay yet. So let’s learn how to create a structure for essay writing.

university essay structure

Basic essay model of university essay structure


(Approximately 10% of the length of the whole essay should start with more generalized idea and then move towards more specific details)

  • Introduce your topic
  • Give background information about the keywords
  • Write the essay question in your own words
  • Present the plan of coverage including line of argument/viewpoints (thesis statement).


(Each paragraph should contain a link that transport your readers to the next paragraph)

  • Topic sentence (it carries the theme outline of argument you project in the paragraph)
  • Give evidence or an example drawn from your research
  • Explain and elaborate on your evidence to show your understanding
  • Link to next topic sentence
  • Link to the thesis.


(Conclusion should be 5-10% of total length)

  • Sum up your argument with reference to the essay question
  • Remind your readers how you have argued about each point you made (link to each topic sentence of each paragraph)
  • Link to the thesis (perhaps mention the wider implications/future directions).

There are too many resources related to essay structure displayed by essay help online services that you can refer to gain more proficient idea.

How to write paragraphs of an essay

What/how/why strategy helps you stay focused while structuring essay paragraphs. Application of this method ensures that readers properly understand the purpose of writing each paragraph.

WHY (the point) The introduction of the main point to be discussed

(best introduced in the topic sentence, in other words, the introductory sentence of the paragraph)

1 or 2 sentences
HOW (the proof) The evidence used to back the argument: examples, appropriate reference material, quotations etc. 3 to 4 sentences
WHY (the comment) Your take on how and why these fit together: relationships, contrasts, conclusions, etc. 2 to 4 sentences

A sample body paragraph:

One of the negative effects detected concerning the street parties in Kingston is noise pollution. Loud music and voices are one of the significant reasons for sound pollution. The residents have to suffer from increased levels of stress, disturbed sleep and a loss of feeling of safety. The Kingston Police Department receives numerous complaints every day related to the noise of street parties. They observe that disturbing levels of noise is contributing to a loss in the sense of community between Kingston residents and Queen’s students (Jones 10). Hence, the students should take protective measure to not to affect the residents.

This is how you build each essay paragraph and create your whole essay.

Essay Outline Writing Help: How to Create an Essay Outline

Outlining essay ideas helps you organize and structure the vital elements of an essay. Having an idea of what you will deliver in the paper makes things easier for you while writing an essay. You may think that outlining is just wastage of time when you have short span of time to finish your writing. But the best part of outlining is it reduces the duration of essay writing and helps you focus on the paper that readers can easily follow.

Essay Outline Writing Help

Perks of creating an essay outline

There are many. The major benefits of outlining are described below:

  • When you draw a more formal outline, you identify the relationships between the ideas, facts and information within the paper and understand whether you are going in the right direction.
  • Essay outline writing helps you to ensure that each of your paragraphs is serving a specific purpose in your writing
  • You can check whether your essay contains any repetitive idea(s) or section(s) that stall rather than advance the writing.
  • When you create an outline, you mainly create a rough draft of your essay. When you can see your essay is also half-way through, you feel encouraged to accomplish your tasks.

Essay outline example:

Here is an example of what an ideal business essay outline might look like. Business essays mainly talk about an issue in the field of study and require the students to draw a conclusion based on the evidence.

Business essay structure:


  • A sentence that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Background/ topic/history of issue
  • Thesis statement

Current state of the issue/topic/problem:

  • Topic sentence: Make a claim how the problem can be solved
  • Evidence: Support your claims by providing relevant evidence
  • Analysis: How the evidence supports your claim and why this matter to the paper’s thesis statement

The need for a solution in the course of action:

(you can add number of paragraphs based on the subject)

  • Topic claim
  • Evidence
  • Analysis
  • Possible solution


  • What is the future of the topic?
  • Is the solution likely?
  • What are your last words about the topic?

You might want to include information that is more detailed in your business essay outline. You can expand it if you are writing longer academic paper like dissertation, thesis paper, etc. In this dissertation or research paper writing, the discussion about the problem might need several paragraphs. Ignoring the essential part of academic writing especially in essay writing may land in situations where you leave the task unfinished or go into a different direction of topic compared where you started. So do not skip the outlining part, if required, take help of professionals who will mentor you.

Law Essay Writing Help: Structuring and Organizing

Structuring and organizing is as important as researching the topic. If the essay parts do not flow in the coherent manner or your argument is presented in a haphazard fashion, not even exhaustive research can save you from failing. So we are here to help you to master the art of structuring a legal essay.

Law Essay Writing Help


A good introduction should consist of four key elements. Those are,

  • A context to your discussion
  • A question that the essay is designed to answer
  • Strong thesis
  • A brief outline of your structure.

State the questions that your essay answers

Sometimes a legal essay may not be designed to answer a question; it may be something like a review of someone else’s work. Whether your essay is reviewing someone else’s work and answering a question or reviewing, the important thing is to make the purpose of the essay clear in front of the audience, so that they can follow your argument in law essay writing easily.

Example: Kimberlee Weatherall, ‘Politics Compromise, Text and the Failures of the Anti-counterfeiting, Trade Agreement’ (2011) 33 Sydney Law review 229

This article clearly demonstrates in its abstract that it will conduct a close reading of the Anti-counterfeiting, Trade Agreement as a way to examine two key claims made about the agreement.

Body Paragraphs:

Main body paragraphs mainly highlight the context and analysis of legal issue or situation. Topic sentence and transitions sentence are two most important parts of body paragraphs. Whenever professionals working with essay writing help services compose an essay, they put emphasis on these two sentences because it holds the paragraphs together.

Topic Sentence:

Here is good example of topic sentence,

Bronwyn Naylor and Johannes Schmidt, ‘Do prisoners have a Right to Fairness before the Parole Board?’ (2010) 32 Sydney Law Review 437, 442

A section providing the overview of parole practice in various jurisdictions is introduced by three sentences that set out the key criteria for determining parole and making a general claim about the jurisdictional practice that will be substantiated in what follows.


Body paragraphs may discuss different ideas, but transition between two paragraphs should be smooth. Transitions words like, ‘moreover’ ‘in addition’ are useful. Each paragraph should have a concluding statement that directs the readers to the next paragraph.


Your conclusion must answer the question that posed in the introduction. It should not contain any new material. A conclusion is the last opportunity for you to remind your readers that what essays set out to do and how you plan accomplish it. Custom essay help providers create the opportunity to have your conclusions written by professionals if you struggle to create one. Your conclusion mainly talks of what you did achieve through the course of writing this essay.

Accuracy, factual and relevancy are three pillars of legal essay writing. Whenever you find yourself composing a law essay, you should put extra effort to get correct information.

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10 Steps to English Essay Writing

Rather than staring at the blank page or screen, you can refer to these 10 points to write an English essay. These tips will not only help in English essay writing but also develop your self-belief that you can do it. Refer to these 10 professional tips in order to compose top quality English essay.

English Essay Writing

1.Read essay prompt:

  • Identify key words
  • Identify the tasks words that indicate what needs to be done
  • Highlight the topic words that indicate particular subject like ‘Juliet in Shakespeare’ ‘Causes of World War 1’ etc.

Background of the essay:

  • Be selective: only use those resources which are relevant and accessible
  • Take notes in your own words
  • Write down quotations that may be particularly useful

Brainstorming session:

  • Write down the points
  • Support your points with relevant evidence or quotes

Develop thesis statement:

  • Thesis statement strongly expresses the overall response to the question
  • Avoid simple thesis statement; show thought has been put into some of the complexities behind the question

Draw a plan:

  • Order ideas in logical sequence
  • Make sure every point in the plan is relevant to the question

Write the introduction:

  • Introduce the thesis
  • Indicate how the question will be answered
  • Name any texts to be discussed
  • Engage your readers

Write the body paragraphs:

  • Discuss each point in a new paragraph
  • Use connecting words or phrases in opening sentence so that he readers can understand the relation between two paragraphs. For example, ‘however’, ‘in addition’, ‘moreover’ etc.

Draw the conclusion:

  • Summarize the main ideas
  • Show your readers that you have proven the point mentioned in your thesis
  • Finish with interesting (of course relevant to the topic) idea that will leave strong impression on your readers

Edit the draft:

  • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Edit those sections which are not relevant
  • Seek feedback from your peers and family members before writing the final copy

Submit final copy:

  • Add footnotes if required; don’t forget to cite your references in bibliography
  • Present clean and neat copy
  • Submit within deadline.

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The importance of the essay writers has increased manifolds in the last couple of years. The professional essay academic writers develop impeccable essays for the students who feel precarious with these practical tasks. In the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, the students need to write a variety of academic essays. The professors and the examiners specially assign these tasks to the students to evaluate their knowledge and skills. It also holds considerable significance in the final results as the performance of these academic essays is also counted. So, it is important to score high in essay writing. The professional services, known to deliver the best essays, can help in a big way.

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5 Tips to Write a College Application Essay

College Application Essay

The college application essays cause significant anxiety among students. Understanding their worries and helplessness, we have brought some useful advices for the students who are worried about their admission essays. The list has been made after consulting the academic experts and PhD qualified professors who have profound experience in the field.

1.     Be concise

The application essays have a specific word limit. The students should take a concise approach and try to finish off the essay within the word limit. Exceeding the word limit by a massive margin reduces the credibility of the student.

2.      Be honest

The students should be honest in their writings and should not fabricate any facts or information in the writing. The main objective of the application essays is to know a student; deceitful claims can even cancel the application as a whole.

3.      Be yourself

Through the essays, the admission officers look for potential students. So, the candidates should exhibit their achievement in the write-up. The unique interests, passions and ambitions can help a student to remain a step ahead from the fellow competitors.

4.      Be accurate

The write-up should not contain any grammatical errors, spelling or punctuation mistakes. It should be written in strict Australian English. Any facts and information provided in the essay must also be accurate. The students should get these facts verified from at least two resources.

5.      Be likable

The students should always look to make their essay likeable and engrossing. It should clearly communicate with the reader and express the views lucidly. Starting with an interesting introduction can be a key to make the whole content interesting.

Many students do not feel comfortable to write their own essays. They take application essay help from professional services. The essay writing help experts have profound experience in the academic field and they know how to write an impeccable admission essay. As different colleges have a different set of requirements, the students often get confused with the guidelines. The PhD qualified writers can be helpful in these situations.

So, follow the tips mentioned above to write an admission essay or take professional assistance to secure a place in the merit list of the finest institutions of the country.

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