A Brief Study on the Effects of Environmental Chemicals

The environment is a gift for mankind, which can also turn into a harmful one if we, the human beings fail to take care of our surroundings properly. These days, with increasing amount of industrial waste and other toxic elements, the environment tends to get affected to a large extent. The effect of environmental chemicals can be directly upon a human being or it can affect other living creatures around in a negative way. The effects of environmental chemicals can be largely seen affecting the wildlife as well. It’s not only about the wildlife, but the chemicals in the environment can affect our food habits and the quality of food an individual is consuming. The environmental chemical is basically referred to as the chemical elements or the compound that is present in the water, air, food and soil. Both knowingly and unknowingly we are consuming a certain amount of toxic on a daily basis. According to a recent study, more three hundred environmental chemicals have been analyzed to be present in human samples which include blood, urine, breast milk, meconium and serum. However, it is to be noted that it’s not possible to live in a world that is completely chemical-free. Well, we can always look for ways that can at least help us reduce the risk of such harmful toxins in the long run. There are certain chemical that may have evolved naturally and there are the ones that are human-made. These chemicals have often been held responsible for causing an adverse effect on the human body. Some of the most toxic ones include phthalates, arsenic, polyfluoroalkyl and more. These are some of the environmental chemicals that can be found in the day to day household and industry elements. These may include certain cosmetics, industry waste, residual waste of house cleaning and the likes.

So, we are constantly required to take note of such harmful effects of the toxic chemicals that affects a human body or nay other living being adversely. As part of a remedy, one can always choose to go through various informative blogs, articles and other useful journals that help us continuously in the matter of providing enough details and other healthy tips with the help of which one can avoid the risk of chemical toxins affecting his/her health. A large amount of pollution affects our respiratory system, while we are on road. The pollutants emitted from a car’s exhaust can prove to be harmful and alarming for an individual in the near future. This eventually gives rise to various health complications and other fatality including lung relayed diseases, cancer, tuberculosis, heart disorder and more. Talking of household products, Triclosan and Bisphenol-A are chemicals that are used in soaps, surgical cleaning, toys and the likes. At times, we don’t have a choice and have to use these products as a part of every necessity. These chemicals are said to affect the immune system of a human body. These affect the age at which menstruations commences as well. According to studies, it has been found that the presence of higher arsenic level in urine can affect a man with improper kidney function and other related complications including grout disease too. Phthalates can be found in plastic bottles and in certain cosmetics and pharmaceutical pills. As per studies, this chemical is said to play a major role in worsening insulin resistance, higher rates of allergy, diabetes and decreased level of testosterone in children and adults too. We need to understand the fact that chemical hazards and environmental effects cannot be stopped completely but we can always think of coming up with enough precautionary measures that can reduce the level of ill effects that are caused. The environmental chemicals can also be responsible for certain oral health disorders as well. According to a recent study, it has been found that people having a high level of parabens, phenols, heavy metals and phthalates are often victims of gum disease, teeth loss (not due to injury) and bone loss around the moth area. Thus, it can only be said that environment and the increasing level of developments surrounding it will also lead us to such consequences, but it can be checked and kept in control if people tend to remain alert and cautious.

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