6 Tips To Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

creative writing

a professional and academic form of literature

If you are a student of English Literature or a wannabe author (or poet), your creative writing skills are something you must improve. With the proper skills, you can produce brilliant, imaginative pieces that your audience will love and appreciate. Not only that, with enhanced skills, you may even stand a chance to get publish, which can be a great boost to your career. However, before we lay out the tips that can help you improve your creating writing skills, you must remember that imagination is the only weapon you truly need to establish a name for yourself.


  1. Set the tone for your writing


Creative writing is a professional and academic form of literature, which means you cannot treat it casually and write whatever comes to your mind. You need to have a plan, you need to set the tone before you can start, and this applies to all genres of creative writing – whether it’s short story, novel, poetry, drama or any other form. So depending on the genre, you intended to write on, you need to pick out a theme, character as well as a backdrop for your piece.  Also, be sure to give your protagonist a background and story line.


  1. Make sure your first paragraph is interesting


Or even first verse if you are writing poetry. The thing is, today’s readers do not go through the remainder of the write up till the first couple of lines catch their fancy. You have to hook your readers right from the start if you want them to read the rest of your work. You can do this by using a surprise element in your opening lines or by creating suspense and action. An example could be-


‘The girl played with her dolls…’


‘Through the dusty old window, I could see the little girl with as blue as ice neatly arranging her ragged dolls in a circle around the fire as if a voodoo ritual was about to commence.’


Notice the difference between the two? The second one is much more engaging.


  1. Develop your character or the theme


Yet again, this is dependent on the type of literature you are composing. If you are writing poetry, you will need to expand upon the theme of your poem so that you can slowly and gradually build up to the climax.  The same way, if you are writing a story or drama, you will have to develop each and every character so that they all tie together and can lead to the climax.


  1. Choose your point of view


This means deciding whether you want your write-up to be in the first person, second person or third person. Whichever tone of voice you choose in the end, remember that that will be the narrator of your story so be careful. You cannot jump from the first person to the third person while narrating the story so maintaining that consistency is very important.


  1. Highlight the setting


In the first point, you had been asked to create the setting. Now, you will have to highlight this setting. The setting i.e. the location as well as the timing can be used as context and can greatly add to the gravity of the situation. However, do not use the same setting over and again but use a mixture of settings to set the mood as well as to create impact. If you want to use the same setting, make sure you introduce it in a new light so that the readers see it differently.


  1. Make use of the right words


We have saved the best tip for last, which is making use of the right word. As a writer, you know that words are powerful tools, which when used right can create magic. In fact, words are what you will be using to paint pictures throughout your write up so make sure that the ones you choose not only create impact but also have a certain musicality to them.


Make sure that your write up is inclusive of a climax as well as the resolution of the climax. If you diligently follow the tips given above, you will able to produce a very impressive piece of creative writing.

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