20 Simple Essay Writing Hacks to Help Students Get Rid of Procrastination

People do come up with all sorts of creative excuses for doing the work within given time. Too busy, too tired, too uncertain, too stressed, too risky, too inexperienced! Occasionally, these excuses seem worth hearing, but sometimes, these are just intentional excuses that students put up for not doing the assigned task. Ultimately, what happens is students lose some valuable grades for their inefficiency. This is called procrastination. You might have experienced it already. If you have not, your friend has because procrastination is one of the major problems that every student faces. This is why we have come up with a set of brilliant tips to help students avoid procrastination while writing an essay. So read these essay writing hacks to help yourself achieve something you are hoping for long.

Write down the goal:

Yes, you know what has to be done. But writing it down will give you a concrete goal. You can see it in front of your eyes, which is really if you tend to pick up procrastination syndrome.

Set yourself a deadline:

After writing down the task, you need to decide a deadline that is before the actual deadline. In this manner, you set yourself to a limitation.  In short, you push yourself to complete the tasks within the time limit. If you don’t have enough time to complete the paper, you can hire some essay help company as an alternative.

Visualize the future you want:

You want to submit a well-written paper at professor’s desk. You want to meet the deadline successfully. You want to impress the professor with your writing skills – no matter what goal you want to meet, first you need to visualize them. Close your eyes and have a vision.

Fear the failure:

We all have fear of failure. But while procrastinating, students do not think about the consequences that one has to face. Even they are aware of it, they choose to ignore it. But to get rid of procrastination, you need to think about the consequences you need to face if you don’t submit the copy. You might be humiliated in front of the class, your professor will develop a negative impression of you, you lose some grades. This leaves you only one option screaming at the top of your voice, ‘somebody help me with my essay’.

Reward progress:

When you have advanced the work the way you wanted, give yourself a reward, such as extend your break from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, or you give yourself a treat in your diner, or take a day off from work. Decide your reward according to your mood. The purpose of this is to motivate yourself to complete the task.

Take it to the best productive place:

If you start procrastinating the moment you sit to write an essay, you might need to change the place. It can be your library because it is silent for most of the times. And this sort of environment you need to get your work done. If you are productive at a busy place, you can try a cafeteria. It might help you concentrate.

Create a study group:

This can work both ways – you will get lots of work done or get none done at all. But it is worth trying. You can ask your best buddies to join the group and decide a day on which you guys gather and complete due tasks. When you see your friends are finishing up the task, you automatically get encouraged to accomplish the task.

Think about the college fees that you bear:

This is what you should tell yourself when you decide to watch the repeat episodes of TV or Web series. This would imbibe some guilt factor in you. You are paying a huge amount of money for your studies. Your parents have worked hard to afford your studies. You have taken up a part-time job to support your financial condition. So you should not waste your chance by procrastinating.

Switch off all notifications:

When you know how much time you need to complete that essay, set yourself a timer. And turn off all notifications from all social networking sites. Because there’s no point setting yourself a time limit when you are busy with texting your bestie or checking your news feed. So block the distraction and get started with the task. We are not insisting you not to use your phone at all, but avoid using when you are working on the task.

Learn to say no:

Your Pal texts you on your study night that there’s a party. You just ignore it. If he or she keeps insisting, you should say no. It will be difficult. But at the end, you will get a desirable outcome. That’s what matters the most. So sort your priorities and stick to it.

These work wonder on students. So if you want to get out of the trap of procrastination, you should try these tips in real life.

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